EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa | About The Hotel
EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa |  About The Hotel
EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa |  About The Hotel
EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa |  About The Hotel

About The Galle Face Hotel

About EKHO Lake House - Polonnaruw

EKHO Lake House PolonnaruwaBuilt in 1870 as a circuit bungalow for British Government Agents, the Old Polonnaruwa Rest House and once the Queen of England’s holiday destination in the 1960’s, has been restored and now named as EKHO Lake House, Polonnaruwa. EKHO Lake House overlooks the panoramic Sea of Parakrama Samudra and offers a magnificent view of the historic centre of Polonnaruwa’s UNESCO World Heritage site, of Kingdoms past. EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa now restored to a charming luxury boutique hotel reflects Sri Lanka’s distinguished heritage.

Situated on the banks of the largest man made reservoir in the world and surrounded with experiences, EKHO Lake House is poised to be one of the most unique boutique resorts in the island nation EKHO Lake House, Polonnaruwa, a luxury boutique resort amidst the natural beauty of the lake and beyond to the borders of the Minneriya forest is one of its kind and has been carefully preserved and integrated with all the tastefully appointed accommodations and guest areas to give the resort a stylish yet residential lifestyle feel. The varied food and beverage offerings and the choice experiences planned for its guests will make the resort a complete destination.

On arrival at the hotel, all guests will be received in typical Sri Lankan style and escorted to the main lobby whilst the baggage is safely transported to the guests pre blocked room before the guest reach the rooms. Refreshing welcome drinks and cold towels are served to guests before they are escorted to their accommodations by the hotel’s staff. On their way to the accommodations guests are also given a guided tour of the facilities and offerings of the resort which has been specially designed for EKHO Lake House guests.

The unveiling vista stretching as far as the eye can see which guests experience as they are escorted to their rooms is due to the uniqueness of being in close proximity to the waters of its location which gives the resort a private and a very unique feel. Private seating areas just outside your room or in the open area by the side of the waters are available at all times.

The architectural quality of the guest accommodation is minimal with constant interaction with Sri Lanka and the ancient times with a contemporary touch. All 14 accommodation units are air conditioned, with quality natural wood finishes on the exteriors and floors. The Resort offers 9 superior rooms, 4 deluxe rooms and a especially designed Royal suite where Queen Elizabeth II stayed during her visit to Sri Lanka. The rooms are laid out in a style resembling the ancient Sri Lanka with a contemporary touch, most of them facing outwards through a varandha towards the Lake. All rooms are fully equipped with a mini-bar, satellite television, hair dryer, tea /coffee making facility, international dialing, rain showers etc. A few steps down will lead you in to a well designed pool just atop the Lake waters to cool oneself after excursions or a walk along the bund.

The overall Food and Beverage experience has been conceptualized keeping in mind that all guests will expect a varied and eclectic dining experience. A team food and beverage specialists have taken care to plan for menus offering simplicity, creative infusions and universal flavours in all the areas be it at our dining hall or be it during a private dining experience. Service is warm, personalized and attentive.

The restaurant enjoy uninterrupted panoramic views of the lake. Guests have an option to stay indoors or sit out in the open deck, here the time of the day and weather play an important role. Since Polonnaruwa enjoys a tropical and dry weather most of the year, with June to August being a period of rainfall and high humidity, the restaurants and bars have a centre space to relax and enjoy.

The All day dining restaurant opens early to offer breakfast for the early risers but also awaits the later risers. Time stands still here and guests dine at times when they choose to dine. This restaurant offers guests a choice to dine inside the restaurant or choose amongst the seating outside on the deck with a panoramic view of the Lake if you are inhouse. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner it offers a variety of pan Asian to continental flavours.

The private dining experience on the deck. From the gangway to the restaurant, they see the lit blue waters of the lake as they are escorted to their tables with a choice of sitting on the deck under the stars or under the open air. The quality of the restaurant is reflected in the layout of the tables and appointments to the attentive and personalized service from the staff. An extensive a la carte menu which includes a choice of seafood, meats, fish with catch of the day etc. A special menu for vegetarians will be on offer and the choice of desserts, wines , cognac and cigars makes the dining experience perfect.

The Bar would have the mood and light music with the right amount of spirit. Service would be deluxe and very friendly. Sundowners with ice cold Margaritas, wine coolers and cocktails are just the place to be whether it is before dinner or after dinner. Guests can choose from a variety of traditional vintages and new world wines which are part of the master list specially put together for the resort. For the cigar smokers, there will be a choice of Cuban cigars.

How can ones holiday be complete unless you have enjoyed the unique experiences in and around EKHO Lake House, Polonaruwa. The Minneriya National Park, The Sigiriya rock fortress – a UNESCO world Heritage site, the cave temple in Dammbulla, Angampilla and very near to the resort with an escorted tour of the National Museum of Polonnaruwa, a visit to the Ancient city sites, a walk along the Lake Bund at sunset, a morning jog along the bund understanding the life on the lake etc the list is endless in its offerings.. The champagne breakfast, a dinner at sunset, on the deck a complete picnic basket for the explorers and most importantly listen to our historian every evening relating stories of a bygone era taking you back to the life during the medieval era between 11th to 13th century AD.

Enjoy the laid back life and the slow pace of things. Unwind, sunbathe or find time to explore some of the finest the island nation has to offer. The splendid choice of handcrafted and exclusively designed merchandise is available for gusts at the resorts stylish gallery boutique.

About the Galle Face Hotel

The Galle Face Hotel is an award winning heritage hotel located at the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka, which is steeped in the unique history of Sri Lanka amidst tradition and family values. It is probably the only Hotel in the world which has a setting of a sea front city Hotel combined with the features of a beachside resort together grandeur and elegance of the bygone era of Sri Lanka. Celebrating 150 years, Galle Face Hotel is one of the landmarks in Asia with a historical past that speaks of the historical significance of Sri Lanka.

Today, the Galle Face Hotel is acclaimed as one of the best heritage Hotels in Sri Lanka and in 2012 it became the first Hotel in the country to be featured on a postage stamp. The old world charm of the Hotel harks back to a vintage when Aristocracy and celebrities spent their days in pampered luxury, and sipped their tea while enjoying the magnificent sunset over the Indian Ocean. Over the years, many Heads of State and celebrities have graced the Hotel, charmed by its eclectic mix of imperial tradition, architecture and flavor.

"The hotel is currently undertaking an ambitious restoration project restoring the Hotel's rooms, restaurants and the ballrooms to their former glory with subtle modernization to enhance the quality of The Galle Face Hotel experience. The Hotel is intrinsically linked to the history and heritage of Sri Lanka, and the project is guided by an uncompromising commitment to preserve the unique ambience for guests to enjoy,"

About the Galle Face Hotel Group

The Galle Face Hotel Group manages the hotel and leisure interest of Galle Face Hotel, Kandy Hotels PLC & United Hotels Co. Pvt Ltd

Under this banner are 2 distinct portfolios of businesses.

The Deluxe Heritage Hotel Collection

The Three magnificent locations, namely Galle Face Hotel in Colombo, Hotel Suisse and Queens Hotel in Kandy each connect to Sri Lanka's history, and emanate the splendor of yesteryear while continuing to serve visitors both foreign and local.

Galle Face Hotel

Galle Face Hotel

The Resort Collection

4 hotels rooted in some of Sri Lanka's most significant areas, offer modern facilities with stupendous sceneries and access to experience this great country.

Each of these recently refurbished hotels offers a historical significance of over 100 years, imperial tradition, architecture and Sri Lankan hospitality to visitors.

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