EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa | Sri Lanka Attractions
EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa | Sri Lanka Attractions
EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa | Sri Lanka Attractions
EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa | Sri Lanka Attractions


    EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa | Monuments
  • The location of EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa in the Cultural triangle facilitates immediate contact with the most genuine aspects of Sri Lanka's vibrant historical past, ranging from its monuments to the local lifestyle. Surrounded by the remains of the palace and monuments of King Nissanka Malla, who reigned over the country between 1187-1196 A.D., EKHO Lake House remains as an alluring attraction offering a peak into the glorious past of Sri Lanka.The Island Park amongst the ancient ruins consists of the Bathing pond, the Tank, the Audience hall, the King’s Palace, over water Summer Houses, the White edifice, the Stone seat inscription of the Arts and Sports Recreation Pavilion and the Council Chamber of the King are a few monuments in the vicinity. Being at close proximity to the ruins of Polonnaruwa, one could bicycle to the area which is less than a 1 km from the historical sites.
  • Among the attractions of the hotel is a matchless view of the setting sun which graces you as you dine at the terrace or nooks and corners of your choice, whilst the Chef "show cooks" and creates great cuisine from the freshest catch from the Parakrama Samudra, the largest reservoir in Sri Lanka.
  • EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa | Jeep Safari
  • The emphasis of EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa is to experience the way of life of Sri Lanka especially in Polonnaruwa.
  • For those who can't resist the urge to simply unwind and relax, a spa therapist is readily available for your favourite spa treatment in your own private haven. The therapies created are specifically to rejuvenate and restore harmony in mind, body and spirit.
  • Book a jeep safari to the Minneriya National Park where one can experience the largest Elephant Gathering in the world.
  • There is also a bicycle ride to the sister property Lake Hotel for a dip in the pool, which is an adventure in itself.
    EKHO Lake House Polonnaruwa | Minneriya National Park Or a private tour to the ancient ruins too can be organized by calling the reception. Dependable weather, gorgeous scenery, unique sunset and an ambience which is unforgettable make Lake House the ideal location for your dream wedding, family reunion or get together. Exchange vows by the lake, celebrate in the dining area and cocktails at the Garden and then head into the Queens Suite for your honeymoon! Our facilities and event planning experts, and whatever your culinary expectations are, they are ready to create a memorable occasion highlighted with delicious cuisine. They will ensure each guest of every age has the time of their life! Our sister property in the vicinity could also be the ideal stay for your guests.

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